David Chang

Police Investigate Threat on Penndale Student's Instagram Account

Officials say Penndale Middle School in Lansdale will open Wednesday with extra security after police investigated a threatening message on a student's Instagram.

Penndale principal Dr. Sean O’Sullivan released a statement Tuesday saying that a message was posted on a Penndale student’s Instagram account that threatened violence at a school Wednesday that involved a semi-automatic weapon.

Lansdale Police determined however that the threat made no reference to Penndale or any North Penn school and the person who sent the message indicated he lived on the West Coast, according to Dr. O’Sullivan.

While Penndale Middle School will be open Wednesday, there will be additional security on duty and Lansdale Police will also have an extra presence.

“As always safety is our top concern and we commend the student who came forward with the initial information that led to the investigation,” O’Sullivan wrote. “If you have any questions please call the school office tomorrow during school hours.”

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