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‘We Are…' New State College Sculpture Elicits ‘Penn State' Response

The words "We Are" usually bring the response "Penn State" — and now those first two words have been installed in a 12-foot steel sculpture on the school's main campus.

The Centre Daily Times reports the "We Are" statue unveiled Tuesday is a gift from the graduating class of 2013.

The sculpture, which has a concrete base, was designed by alumnus Jonathan Cramer.

The school has a tradition of graduating classes leaving various landmarks and other tributes on the campus. The school's well-known Nittany Lion shrine was a gift from the class of 1940.

Geoff Hallett, the school's assistant director of annual giving, says, "There is a lot of pride and history and lore behind the 'We Are' chant, and it conveys that sense of unity among all Penn Staters."

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