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Penn State Revamps Visual Identity with New Logo

After about 30 years of using the same logo, Penn State University decided to revamp their brand identity with a more modern look.

In the late 1980s, the original mark was created as the visual identify for the university, which was represented on websites, social media, apparel and bumper stickers.

But a new marketing effort was initiated recently to give the long-standing mark a makeover. Penn State officials said the old logo served its purpose, but could not be reproduced easily since it was developed in the pre-digital age.

To keep up with the modern digital era, they decided to create a new logo that would have more clarity and ease of digital replication.

The refreshed mark is the same height and width as the original, but was designed with a new marketing strategy in mind.

“The refreshed version provides an opportunity to increase the visibility of Penn State while evolving the tradition of the Lion Shrine that Penn Staters hold dear,” said Lawrence Lokman, Penn State’s vice president for strategic communications. “We have a strong and vibrant university, and a bold and contemporary visual identity system is an investment that will support the University’s reputational, recruitment and resource development efforts.”

The new logo focuses on the head and neck of the Nittany lion. The lion is placed inside the shield with a curved edge at the top to contour the shape of the lion. Additionally, the crest is in line with the words “Penn State” instead of below, as it was in the original design.  According to the Penn State News, this design is thought to be more contemporary and engaging than the original.

Penn State said the revamped mark is based off the Nittany Lion Shrine that stands inside the main campus, University Park. The president of the university believes this change will be positive for students, faculty and all those invested in the school's success. 

“I am excited to see us moving forward with an updated visual identity that connects our rich tradition with a bright future,” said Penn State President Eric Barron.

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