How An Old City-Based Startup is Helping Under Armour Get Results

Athletic wear giant Under Armour is inking an Old City-based startup in for an assist. The Baltimore-based sports apparel company's retail locations saw upticks in how much time customers spent browsing shelves and how much money they spent at the register for stores where ChargeItSpot kiosks were available.

A research study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School concluded that customers who were able to use the ChargeItSpot's kiosks, which charge one's cell phone in a locker, spent 2.3 times the amount of time in the Under Armour store than those who were met with a kiosk that was "artificially full," or had no lockers available, Doug Baldasare, the CEO and founder of the nearly 6-year-old startup.

"And they spend 51 percent more at the register," Baldasare added, referencing the Wharton study results. The study took place last April when ChargeItSpot had its kiosks in fewer than 20 Under Armour stores.

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