PATCO Attack Videotaped, 2 Arrested

Man beaten by two men at a Philly PATCO station, as another person filmed the attack

A man was beaten by two people in the Philadelphia PATCO station at 8th and Market streets in the early morning hours of Jan. 2 and someone not only watched the vicious attack but recorded it and gave it to a website to post.

In the video, uploaded to, the victim is kicked, punched and groped by two men as he lies on the ground in front of a PATCO turnstile.

Police say the victim was trying to get on a train around 3 a.m. after attending the Mummers parade. Suddenly he was jumped from behind by the two suspects. The men kicked and beat him before rummaging through his pockets.

Police say the suspects stole $10 and a cell phone. One person recorded the beating and posted it on . PATCO also says one of the station cameras recorded the attack.

The video lasts 40 seconds without any sign of a PATCO officer. PATCO claims an officer was on the train platform and arrived at the scene of the attack just after the suspects fled.

Police arrested one of the suspects, 18-year-old Timothy Williams, on Thursday - three days after the attack. On Friday police arrested 23-year-old Steven Wiles.

Both Williams and Wiles are charged with aggravated assault and robbery. Police also say neither one of the suspects has a criminal history.


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Police have not released the victim’s name, but sources tell NBC Philadelphia’s Lu Ann Cahn that he is a 22-year-old recent college graduate from Haddonfield, N.J.

He was released from the hospital after being treated for a concussion, bumps and bruises.

Police don’t yet know who filmed the beating.

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