Parents Appeal to Vatican to Keep Schools Open

Parents hire attorney to appeal to the Vatican to keep schools from closing at the end of the school year

A group of parents are taking their fight to keep two Catholic Elementary schools open to the Vatican.

The Philadelphia Archdiocese has decided Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Mount Carmel will merge with a third school come this Fall. An appeal was already denied by the Archdiocese. But the parents didn't stop there.

They hired an attorney to help them appeal to the Vatican on behalf of the schools.

The Boston-based attorney Peter Borre told the Philadelphia Daily News
that he has already filed an appeal with the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education and will head to Rome over the weekend to lay out arguments for this case. Earlier this month, Borre was successful in getting the Vatican to reverse the closure of 13 parishes in Ohio, according to the newspaper.


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