Pa. Woman Says Casey Anthony Trying to Kill Her

A West Chester woman filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony claiming she threatened to kill her.

A West Chester, Pa. woman filed a $3 billion lawsuit in Florida claiming Casey Anthony is part of the Illuminati who is trying to kill her.

Naomi Riches filed the civil suit in Orlando on Tuesday. She accuses Anthony of working with HLN host Nancy Grace to fill the media with propaganda so that American Citizens believe there is justice in the country.

Riches also claims Anthony called her home in August 2011 and told her that her life was being exploited and that Riches was hated nationwide.

Riches says Anthony told her the government was going to find a way to tap into her water pipes and poison her water supply. In the lawsuit, Riches claims she spent more than $600 on bottled water.

Anthony was able to become a part of the Illuminati because she was able to lie her way out of prison for the death of her daughter, according to the lawsuit. It also claims she is a valuable asset to the Illuminated ones.

Anthony was acquitted of her daughter Kaylee's murder in July, 2011.

Riches asked for $3 billion in compensation for the emotional and psychological terror she says Anthony has inflicted on her life.

United States Magistrate Judge David Baker dismissed the lawsuit, in his ruling he said it was "without arguable merit."


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