Old City Brawl Leaves Man With Broken Jaw

Victim beaten unconscious by a group of men: cops

A group of men beat a man unconscious right about the time that bars close in Old City early last Saturday morning.

The beating happened around 2 a.m. after a 27-year-old man left Mad River at 126 Chestnut Street and rushed towards the E-Z Park lot located at the end of Chestnut Street, according to Philadelphia Police.

A group of four men apparently attacked the victim’s friend -- punching him and kicking him while he is down -- before the victim stepped in and became the target of the mob’s blows.

The whole incident was caught on surveillance video but police didn't release the worst parts of the beating.

The motive of the attack wasn't clear but it had allegedly started as a fight inside Mad River and flowed over into the parking lot.

The men punched the victim -- who happens to be the son of a Philly cop -- numerous times in the face and kicked him as he was down.

After initially jumping the man, the victim appears to question the alleged attackers when a 6-foot tall white male in his mid 20s, blond hair, wearing light-colored pants and a black T-shirt allegedly attacks him again with a "blindside" punch, police said.

The blow delivered was so violent cops edited it out of the video they posted to YouTube.

The victim was left unconscious for some time but was eventually able to stand up, stumbling with help from some of his friends. He had a broken jaw, numerous facial fractures including a fractured orbital bone and six stitches to his forehead.

The group of attackers left the scene with a couple women but a few of them including the man in light pants came back and appeared to be talking to the victim’s friends as the women tried to peel them away again.

"The only thing we could do is call 9-1-1," says a parking attendant who witnessed the melee.

Here are the descriptions of three of the attackers, according to police:

1. White male, mid 20s, dark hair, black T-shirt, light pants
2. White male, olive skin, 20s, dark hair, light-colored shirt and pants
3. White male, olive skin, 20s, black T-shirt with white sleeves and red hat

Police are hoping witnesses will come forward including a man seen in the video wearing a blue shirt who kept the alleged attackers away after the victim was knocked out.

Anyone with information on the beating or who may recognize the alleged attackers from the video should call Central Detectives at 215-686-3093/3094 or by visiting the Philly PD website.

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