Nutter Gets “Time” to Talk Urban Violence

Are Americans ready to address “domestic terrorism” threatening the lives of people nationwide?

That’s the challenge presented by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter in a cover story for the upcoming "After Trayvon" edition of Time Magazine.

Nutter's "Stopping the Slaughter" article focused particularly on how gun violence that claims around 32 victims a day in America is disproportionately carried out by and targeting African-American males predominently in urban areas.

“Black men across the country are killing one another, yet that epidemic is rarely part of any national conversation.”

Nuter notes that for every Newtown, Aurora, Tuscon or Trayvon Martin case there are hundreds of black men dying without much notice from the national media.

“With each death, the networks aren't interrupting game shows or soap operas to give you that information.”

Nutter continues his essay by mentioning his Cities Untied partnership with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and dozens of other mayors.


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“It's specifically focused on reducing the violence affecting African-American men and boys across the country.”

Nutter draws a line in the sand before wrapping up:

“We are way past the time of just talking. What we really need is action. I know that President (Barack) Obama cares about these issues, but as powerful as the President of the United States is, he will need a lot of folks to rally with him to work toward solutions. It will require folks to have open minds and open hearts and, more than anything, to be dedicated to change.”

Nutter says that change is possible. ”The question is, are we ready to do it?”

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