Mayor Nutter's Push to Make Philadelphia World Heritage City

The city of Philadelphia is moving closer to claiming its place as an international landmark.

Mayor Michael Nutter, who recently traveled to Mexico, said he has returned with valuable support toward his goal of establishing Philadelphia as a World Heritage City.

"Mexico City Mayor Mancera, while we were meeting with him this issue came up," Nutter said. "He charged his staff with getting as much detailed information as possible. He wanted to weigh in in support of our application to be a World Heritage City."

With the global designation as a historic city that's made a notable impact on the world, Philadelphia could attract more tourists to town.

The city has applied to join the 250 other designated cites around the globe. The XIII World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities will take place in Peru in November when it could decide on the Philadelphia application.

The city already has been given "observer" status by the group, a way-point to full membership.

With no World Heritage Cities in the United States, Nutter is optimistic that Philadelphia will blaze the trail.

The mayor says his Mexico City counterpart used a modern method to give his blessing to the effort.

"He used the most used form of communication in the universe Twitter, to express his support for Philadelphia reaching that status," Nutter said.

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