Northeast Purse Snatcher Targets Little Old Ladies

A mugger hasn't been picking on women his own age in Northeast Philadelphia, according to police.

The purse snatcher targeted elderly women. He not only robbed but also brutally attacked the women as they entered their homes, said Philadelphia police.

Seven similar muggings were reported since Sept. 2008. The latest not-so-friendly incident took place Sunday morning in the 2100 block of Friendship Street in the Northeast.

The victims range from 61 to 83 years old, cops said.

The violent nature of the attacks has police very worried. In each robbery the suspect threw the elderly victim to the ground and/or repeatedly punched the victim before taking her pocketbook, said police.

The man behind the attacks is 33-year-old Christopher Russell, according to police. Russell is no stranger to police -- he's been arrested 23 times.

Russell might have an accomplice, said police. He allegedly got into a car driven by another person after his latest attack.

Police want to catch Russell before he attacks again. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Russell is asked to contact Philadelphia Police.

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