NJ Boy Asks Justin Bieber to Prom

The 16-year-old Glassboro High student says the "date" will be strictly platonic.

One New Jersey teen is hopeful that he'll have a very special -- and very famous -- date to his junior prom this year.

Over the summer, Glassboro High student Leon Purvis asked pop singer Justin Bieber to be his date to his prom, in a strictly platonic way, via YouTube.com, according to the Gloucester County Times.

Purvis says that he asked Bieber because he is one of the star's biggest fans and...well, why not?

“At the time I was thinking about what girl I wanted to ask, and he [a peer] said, ‘Who are you going to ask? Justin Bieber?’ I thought it was a good idea because I admire him and all he’s accomplished for being so young. I’ve been a fan ever since his YouTube day, ” Purvis tells the Gloucester County Times.

And it seems that Bieber isn't the only one with fans, the 16-year-old has some fans of his own and they're doing whatever they can to make sure the Biebs gets wind of the prom proposal.

To give the video more leverage, Purvis and his classmates are determined to make it a trending topic on Twitter. In anticipation of what the Glassboro High student body is calling Trending Day, they're wearing Bieber shirts, making banners, posting flyers and basically just spreading the word. Then, two days after Christmas -- Trending Day -- they (and everyone else they recruited to do so) will tweet and retweet #GuyAsksJustinBieberToPromOnYouTube. With enough traction, it's possible the message will get to JB, or at least his peeps, reports the County Times.

Hey, in the words of the Biebs himself, "Never Say Never."


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