Newsweek Filches Palin Photo, Rodale Angry

News mag runs embargoed photo from Emmaus, Pa. publisher

Newsweek magazine ran a photo of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin posing in black running shorts and a red fleece on its most recent cover. The only problem is, it wasn’t Newsweek’s photo to run.

The photo, taken for Rodale’s Runner’s World magazine, had a one-year embargo on it, reports The Morning Call. This means no one could use it until the year-long period passed. But Newsweek did use it for its story “How do you solve a problem like Sarah? She's bad news for the GOP -- and for everybody else, too.''

A vendor that supplies photos to the news mag gave up the photo and the Emmaus, Pa. publisher is miffed. So are Palin and some critics, but not about the theft.

Some critics are saying that Newsweek’s photo choice is sexist, as she stands with bare legs and in a demure stance.

''The choice of photo for the cover of this week's Newsweek is unfortunate,'' Palin wrote on her Facebook page. ''When it comes to Sarah Palin, this 'news' magazine has relished focusing on the irrelevant rather than the relevant.”

''The Runner's World magazine one-page profile for which this photo was taken was all about health and fitness -- a subject to which I am devoted and which is critically important to this nation. The out-of-context Newsweek approach is sexist and oh-so-expected by now. If anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, gender, or color of skin. The media will do anything to draw attention -- even if out of context.''

A Runner’s World spokesman release a statement confirming that Newsweek and its image provider did not notify or get the permission of the magazine.


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