New Fleet of Souped-Up Police Vehicles to Keep Philadelphia Officers Safe

Besides featuring ballistic shields, the 150 new police vehicles can also can traffic lights to green.

The Philadelphia Police Department is getting a new fleet of patrol vehicles that include a feature any motorist stuck at a traffic light would envy.

The department announced Monday it will receive 150 new patrol vehicles that come equipped with technology that allows an officer to trip a traffic signal and change it to green when the car's emergency lights are on. The police cars will also come with ballistic shields on the doors and windows.

Philadelphia is one of the first major municpalities to be using these new ballistic shields. 

The department will receive 100 of the vehicles by mid-December and get the remaining 50 by March. The shipment will include 2018 Ford Interceptor sedans and SUVs as well as an additional 10 patrol wagons coming in February.

The first shipment is heading to the 18th police district in west Philadelphia.

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