Teen Fires 5 Shots Into Home of Girlfriend’s Family: Police

A teenager barricaded himself in a North Philadelphia home after firing shots into the home of his girlfriend's family overnight.

The 19-year-old fired five shots into a home along N 16th Street near Ontario Avenue around 1 a.m. Monday, said Philadelphia Police. Two of the shots went through the front window and wound up in the wall of a first-floor bedroom where a man slept.

Five adults and three young children were home at the time, said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

“Fortunately no one was struck by gunfire,” said Small.

After the shooting, the gunman went to his N Smedley Street home, about one block from the shooting scene, and tried to hide.

The teen refused to let police into his home leading to a standoff that only ended when the man’s grandfather let police in.

“(Police) found the 19-year-old suspect in the basement hiding under some furniture,” said Small.

Officers could be seen loading the teen into a waiting police van. A gun was recovered at the Smedley Street home.

“This was all over a domestic incident involving a female,” said Small. “He took it out on the girlfriend’s family.”

Small said the teen’s girlfriend doesn’t even live in the home he shot up.

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