Workers fix ‘Cenrtal Phila' spelling error on I-95 sign

Classic Philadelphia. Drivers noticed a misspelled road sign on a busy highway that had many wondering, how could this even happen?

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Welcome to "Cenrtal Philadelphia".... wait, that's not right.

A sign on Interstate 95, the main north-to-south highway on the East Coast, had a misspelled road sign in the southbound lanes.

The brand new road sign recently went up in place of the old one near Cottman Avenue, but Philadelphians began to notice something did not look right...there was a major misspelling.

Mike Delli recorded a video of the sign, posted it to TikTok and it went viral.

"We are aware of the misspelled sign at the new Cottman ramp at I-95 and have taken immediate action to address it. The sign has been covered, the misspelled word will be corrected tonight, and a corrected sign will be installed this week. All costs for correcting this error will be covered by the contractor," PennDOT said in a statement.

PennDOT crews could be seen putting a cover over the sign on Monday afternoon.

By Tuesday morning, the misspelled sign had been corrected.

The spelling mishap occurred a year after a gasoline delivery truck crashed, killing the driver and destroying an I-95 bridge in Philadelphia.

PennDOT told NBC10 that the agency uses contractors to make signs for larger highway projects and says this sign was part of the contracting company's emergency repairs to the bridge.

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