Man Looking for Family Missing Holiday Cards

One local family missing their personalized Christmas cards could get a holiday wish come true.

A Philadelphia man discovered a FedEx box, which was filled with the cards, discarded in the alley next to his Malvern Avenue home in Overbrook. 

Victor Fiorillo says he initially thought the box was trash.  On closer inspection, he found the cards from Shutterfly Inc. inside. 

The image of a happy looking family is topped with the message, "Onward and Upward in 2014" and the names, Roberto and Lizz. 

"I posted it on the neighborhood message board and Craigslist with a photo," Fiorillo said.

The package, he says, was likely stolen from a porch and tossed later when the thief realized what was stolen. 

All that remains of the address label on the box is the zip code, which is for Overbrook.

So far no one has contacted Fiorillo about the missing cards, but he is hoping someone will recognize the family so he can reunite them with the package.

"If I ordered these online and didn't' get them I'd be upset," he said. 

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