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Man Killed by Gunman Who Was Angry Over Speeding Incident, Police Say

Gerald Ramos, 43, is accused of shooting and killing Darrius Waller, 36, while Waller was inside his jeep.

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What to Know

  • Gerald Ramos, 43, is accused of shooting and killing Darrius Waller, 36, while Waller was inside his jeep in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, on Sunday.
  • Ramos allegedly told police he killed Waller because he was angry about Waller speeding through an alley and nearly hitting him as he walked home.
  • Ramos was arrested after police surrounded his apartment early Monday morning.

Loved ones are mourning a man who was shot and killed while he was sitting inside his jeep by a gunman who claimed he was angry that the victim was speeding in his neighborhood earlier in the evening, police said.

Gerald Ramos, 43, told police he was walking home from his brother’s house along the 500 block of North Evans Street on Sunday in Pottstown when a burgundy jeep sped past him in an alley, nearly striking him, investigators said. Ramos said he was so angry that he went inside his apartment a block away on the 400 block of North Evans Street to “cool down,” according to the criminal complaint. 

Later that night, around 9:30 p.m., Ramos spotted the same jeep a short distance from his apartment on the 500 block of North Evans Street. Ramos then allegedly grabbed his handgun and went outside. 

Ramos approached the driver side door of the jeep, pulled out the gun and opened fire, shooting the driver six to seven times, according to investigators. Ramos then returned to his home, police said. 

Police responded to the scene and found the victim, later identified as Darrius Waller, 36, unresponsive inside the jeep. Waller was taken to Pottstown Tower Health Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The scene was processed and eight 9mm cartridge casings were recovered outside of the jeep. 

Ramos’ brother, who had seen the gun on Ramos’ table while visiting his apartment earlier that evening, told police he heard the gunshots outside his home, according to the criminal complaint. He then texted Ramos, “Was that you?” to which Ramos replied, “Yep,” according to investigators. Ramos then allegedly called his brother and told him he had just shot someone. 

Ramos’ brother and sister-in-law then ran to Ramos’ apartment to speak to him. Ramos allegedly told both of them that he “took care of the guy who was talking s***,” according to the criminal complaint. They then convinced Ramos to come back with them to their home and to leave his gun on the table, police said. 

When they arrived at their home, Ramos’ brother and sister-in-law tried to convince him to speak with police but he refused, according to the criminal complaint. Ramos’ sister-in-law then went upstairs to call 911 while Ramos left the home and returned to his apartment a block away, investigators said. 

On Monday, around 12:25 a.m., responding police officers surrounded Ramos’ apartment. One officer texted Ramos, telling him to come outside. Ramos replied that he would but never left the apartment, investigators said. Finally, around 5:15 a.m., police executed a search warrant and entered the home. Ramos was then taken into custody without incident and police recovered his weapon, investigators said. 

Ramos was then charged with First-Degree Murder, Third-Degree Murder and Possessing an Instrument of Crime. Police also said the gun Ramos used to kill Waller was legally owned.

Gerald Ramos

“The murder of Darrius Waller is another senseless murder of a victim that had no relationship with the defendant. This murder was prompted simply by anger over a supposed speeding incident,” Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele said. “These homicides of innocent victims need to stop.”

Waller's brother, Breon Waller, told NBC10 at first he thought his sibling would pull through when he found out he was shot.

"And my fiancée told me, 'Darrius got shot.' So I'm thinking that it's going to be alright. It's just one shot," Breon Waller said. "I still can't believe. It don't feel real. It feels like a dream."

Loved ones created a memorial for Waller with candles and balloons.

"I love my brother," Breon Waller said. "I hate to see anything happen to somebody else like this. We need to start praying more."

Darrius Waller
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