Collector Finds Record of Boy Singing, Tracks Down the Singer 5 Decades Later

A reunion of sorts between a man and his 5-year-old self took place Thursday evening in South Philadelphia.

In June 1963, Danny Krane's mom dressed him in a suit and took him to a Harrisburg recording studio to have a record made of him singing.

Afterward, she stored away the record for safe keeping, but after she died, it was accidentally thrown out -- never to be heard again by Krane.

Or so he thought.

The album somehow ended up in the collection of Robert Pellicano, who's been picking up records at flea markets and yard sales for decades.

"This was just another home recording I thought it would be interesting to listen to," he said of picking up the record originally.

Recently, Pellicano started thinning out his collection and seeing Krane's name on the label, decided to try and track down the singer. He Googled Krane and Pennsylvania and the first person he emailed happened to be the singer.

Thrilled to learn the record was still around, Krane met up with Pellicano Thursday outside the iconic Geno's Steaks to get back the 53-year-old acetate disc.

"It's almost an obligation because this is a family thing, it's personal, it's sentimental," Pellicano said.

Danny Krane (L) sits with record collector Robert Pellicano, who found a record of Krane recording from when he was 5 years old.

There are three songs on the record including "On Top of Spaghetti."

Krane, an attorney, said he hadn't listened to the record since he was 6 years old and doesn't know why his mom made the recording.

"I think this is the one and only, and if you heard me singing, that's probably why," Krane said with a laugh.

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