Delaware County

Malnourished Dog Pearl Up for Adoption

Pearl, a pit bull terrier found malnourished in Chester County last month, has made a full recovery and is up for adoption at the Delaware County SPCA.

When she found in the backyard of a Chester County home, Pearl weighed only 20 pounds, was barely able to stand and her ribs were protruding. Now, Pearl weighs 45 pounds and is suffering no lasting effects of her abuse other than Lyme disease.

Following Pearl's discovery, an investigation was launched by SPCA Humane Society Police Officers to find the individuals responsible for the dog’s abuse. Two people pleaded guilty last week and were cited for misdemeanors -- emaciation and neglect.

Anyone interested in adopting Pearl can fill out an application on the Delco SPCA’s website and drop it off to the Adoption Center in Media, e-mail it to Director of Operations Dayna Villa at or fax the completed application to Dayna’s attention at 610-565-1176.

Applications will be accepted through Sunday Nov. 23. when a team of her caregivers will pick the best candidates and arrange meet and greets.

According to the SPCA, "Pearl loves people of all ages, other dogs and cats, too. She is crate-trained as well as house-trained."

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