Drug Raid at Main Line Doctor's Home

Eye doctor & his daughter placed under arrest as plants, cash & more are taken from home

Authorities raided the home of a Main Line eye doctor Wednesday morning and pulled marijuana plants and other drug paraphernalia out.

Police could be seen going in and out of the home along the 200 block of Sagamore Road in Havertown, Pa. around 8:30 a.m.

Haverford Township Police said that officers raided the home because of an anonymous tip received about three weeks ago reporting that a Delaware County eye doctor was growing pot out of his home.

Police said the tip stated “...it has come to my attention that Dr. (Paul) Ezell is growing marijuana at his residence and selling it to his patients and other individuals. Since he is a doctor and places himself in a position of trust, I though you should be aware of this...”

Early Wednesday, narcotics officers went to the home of Havertown ophthalmologist Dr. Ezell who has an office on West Chester Pike (Route 3) in Havertown to investigate the claims. Ezell also has experience treating patients for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye disorders.

Dr. Paul Ezell and his daughter Victoria Ezell are charged with growing and selling pot out of their Havertown, Pa. home.

Police confirmed Ezell, 58, and his 23-year-old daughter Victoria Ezell were home when the raid took place early Wednesday and taken into police custody.

As SkyForce10 hovered overhead a short time later you could see police taking large green plants and bags from the home. In total, police said they removed more than one dozen pot plants -- some taller than 2 feet. More than $1,200 in cash, a computer and scales used to weigh drugs were also removed from the home, according to police.

According to investigators, there was enough marijuana in the basement to bring in $30,000 to $40,000 a year. Police still have not yet determined how long the operation was going on however.

"The operation was in various stages," said Haverford Township Police Lieutenant Charles Moore. "There was one stage set up for very young marijuana plants, one stage in another area of the basement where the plants would be mid-growth and another section where they were just about ready to be harvested."

In spite of the tip, police say they have not yet confirmed whether Ezell was selling the marijuana to his patients.

"The information as far as selling to his patients is just a tip at this point," Moore said. "We have not confirmed that. Our investigation is still ongoing."

Police said Ezell lives in the home with his daughter. Both were set to be arraigned Wednesday on drug dealing, drug possession, criminal conspiracy and related charges.

A neighbor who asked not to be identified said Ezell's wife died last year and that Ezell never caused any problems in the neighborhood.

A worker at Jahnle Eye Associates in Havertown said that Ezell only worked a handful of hours a week at that location and that he saw most his patients at an office in Langhorne, Pa.

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