Dan Stamm

Vandal Leaves Crosses Upside Down Inside Northeast Philadelphia Church

Whoever tagged a Northeast Philadelphia church and broke crucifixes off the wall left bloody fingerprints before making a getaway.

The overnight vandalism left Rev. Owen Griffiths, pastor of Faith Lutheran Church at 4150 Woodhaven Road, devastated.

"Somebody has their own personal demons and saw an opportunity and decided to do something destructive," said Griffiths.

The vandal or vandals left profanity on a wall, which sits just across the road from Philadelphia Mills, left a crucifix upside down on the floor -- a sign of the Satan, according to Griffiths -- did damage to the church’s heater and used a cinder block to break through a double-pane window. Bloody fingerprints on the church door could serve as a clue in finding the vandal.

Philadelphia Police didn’t reveal any details about possible suspects.

Griffiths spent Friday morning cleaning up the thousands of dollars in damage to the 55-year-old sanctuary that serves more than 200 people.

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