Local Rapper Caught Up in Norway Shooter's Madness

Schoolly D, the godfather of gangsta rap, opens up about his lyrics being included in Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto

It was in a note from his publicist that Schoolly D learned of his connection to the horrific mass shooting and car bomb in Norway.

The West Philadelphia native and undisputed godfather of gangsta rap had lyrics from a song used for evil -- but that was nothing new.

"From day one it's been somebody claiming that my lyrics made kids do certain things or made people do certain things. It didn't really register until later on that day," he told NBC10 Friday.

Among the accusations and hate inside the 1,500 page manifesto penned by accused mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was an excerpt from Schoolly D's 1985 hit song PSK What Does It Mean?

Copped my pistols, jumped into the ride
Got at the bar, copped some flack
Copped some cheeba-cheeba, it wasn't wack
Got to the place, and who did I see
A sucker-a-- n---a tryin to sound like me
Put my pistol up against his head
I said, "Sucker-a-- n---a, I should shoot you dead

The lyrics, which appeared inside Breivik's manifesto, actually misrepresent the song says Schoolly D.

"At the end of the song, I put the pistol down and I go home," he says. "And that's it and I think that point is being missed."

Omitted from the manifesto and seemingly the mind of Breivik were the lines: "A thought ran across my educated mind / Said, man, Schoolly D ain't doin no time / Grabbed the microphone and I started to talk."

"That song is very dear to me, but I think that that song has been used in a lot of good ways…and the lyrics have been used in a lot of bad ways," Schoolly D said.

However, maybe never used in a situation of this magnitude. Breivik denounces the "hip-hop mentality" calling it "destructive," "anarchist" and glorifying of drug use.

"I can personally attest to the negative results of the hip-hop movement (and the hip-hop mentality) as I was a part of it for several years (from 13-16 and somewhat up to the age of 18)," Breivik writes in the declaration.

He goes on to call for the end of most of the hip-hop movement in order to remove the "ghetto/ethnic/multiculturalist lifestyle."

"He was just looking for something and somebody to blame," said Schoolly D of Breivik.

Now, that blame leaves the music man behind Cartoon Network's popular animated show Aqua Teen Hunger Force connected to the tragedy in Norway. He's heartbroken over the death and destruction, but not discouraged as an artist.

The rapper says he's received hundreds of positive messages from fans living in the European nation -- some directly affected by the attacks.

"Some of the messages that I've got from over there say 'Don't worry about it. We don't associate that with you,'" he said of the messages. "I don't care how big of a man you are…you just get a tear."

Schoolly D offered his condolences to the families touched by the Norwegian attacks and says he's still working to process his link the apparent lunacy that touched it all off saying: "We are people. It's just that some of us are insane."

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