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Can't Decide Where to Eat? Local Entrepreneurs Launching App for That

When Josh Hoffman was an undergraduate at the University of Central Florida, one of the most annoying things he dealt with on a daily basis was deciding where to eat or go out with friends or his roommates. He's created an app for that.

After operating their app in beta mode since fall 2016, Hoffman and his team at GamePlan are ready to officially launch it into the spotlight with the goal of solving the pain groups of people may go through when deciding where to eat and drink.

Hoffman, who grew up in the Conshohocken area, spent the past few years banding together the current team behind GamePlan, a consumer app and restaurant-and-bar promotion platform that helps groups of people decide where to eat and drink using collaborative technology.

The company will officially launch the app on Monday, May 1, after operating in beta mode with more than 300 users for testing and feedback purposes.

"We built a collaborative technology that I have yet to see anywhere else," Hoffman said.

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