Justina Calgiano

Keeping Your Pets Safe in Sub-Zero Temps

You love your pets, right? Well then we're pretty sure you want to keep them safe and warm during this blast of bitter cold.

"Dogs and cats, or any pets for that matter, shouldn't be left out for any extended amount of time," says Delaware County SPCA Director Justina Calgiano. "Already this winter, we've had seen animals with frost bite and we've had to amputate ears and tails."

And with temperatures colder than we've seen in 20 years, it's imperative for pet owners to take special care of their furry friends.

Here's some safety tips:

  • Stay Inside: Keep your pets inside, except for quick bathroom trips.
  • Bundle Up: When they do go outside, put on a coat or sweater.
  • Check Paws: Make sure your pet's paws are not frostbitten, cracked or bleeding. Also, do a wipe down of your pet's paws, legs and belly when they come in from outside to make sure to remove salt or anything else that could have been used to treat sidewalks.
  • Make Noise: If your hopping in your car, make noise, like honking your horn, so that any animal that was seeking warmth and shelter under your vehicle has time to get out.
  • Don't Leave Your Pet in the Car: Let your baby stay home. If heading out is unavoidable, like say heading to the vet, don't run errands after, go right home.
  • Avoid Ice: When walking your dog, avoid frozen waterways. You don't know if the ice can hold the weight of your pup!

Calgiano says that if your animal is older, that's even more of a reason to use extra caution.

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