Joe's Favorite Soup

 by Tim Furlong

When Joe Biden become Vice President, Greenville, Del. is gonna miss Joe and Joe will certainly miss Greenville too.

Grenville is a very wealthy community, the essence of “preppy,” and is Joe’s stomping ground. He gets his coffee at the local BrewHaHa, he gets a sandwich at the PureBread Deli and above all it seems he is madly in love with the tomato soup at Pizza by Elizabeths, a yuppity-doo-da-and-delicious pizza joint not far from Joe’s house.

It really is an exciting time in Delaware.

If you like Biden’s politics or not, he is a local guy and the perception is that he will indeed keep the First State in his thoughts as he does his VP duties over the coming years.

For years, Biden has cozied up in an Amtrak seat, going back and forth to Washington. Now he is going to move into a big fat house on Massachusetts Avenue, but he’s just a train ride, or more likely, a chopper ride from his home base here in Delaware.

If nothing else, you have to believe he’ll be back for the tax free shopping -- oh, and the tomato soup, of course.

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