Philly Mayor Announces 1st Markman Integrity Award Winner

Who in the City of Brotherly Love exhibits integrity?

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter named Daniel Cantu-Hertzler of the city's Law Department the winner of the inaugural Inspector General's Joan Markman Award for Integrity Wednesday afternoon.

“Cantu-Hertzler is a consummate professional who does his job with integrity and honesty," said Nutter. "From his work in the Law Department to his work with the Office of the Inspector General, Daniel has been a dedicated public servant, working tirelessly on behalf of the citizens of Philadelphia. There are few City employees as deserving of this award as Daniel.”

The award "recognizes a city employee who demonstrates a strong commitment to integrity, diligence and transparency on behalf of the city of Philadelphia and works with the Office of the Inspector General to assist in an investigation of significance to the city," said a Nutter Administration news release.

Nutter and city Inspector General Amy Kurland honored one of the city's top legal fighters -- a 13-year veteran of the city's law department. Cantu-Hertzler has worked hard to make Philadelphia better, said Nutter.

The award is named for Markman who joined the Nutter administration in 2008 and served as the city’s first Chief Integrity Officer. Markman died in January after a battle with cancer. she was 57.

"Joan was tough, a fighter, and an exemplary public servant who believed in integrity, who believed in the goodness of people, and she loved her work," Nutter said after her passing.

As the city's first Chief Integrity Officer, Markman as well as her colleague Inspector General Amy Kurland, trained city employees in ethics rules, launched the website IntegrityWorks and discovered an overcharge related to a proposed long-term contract to build and operate a solid waste treatment facility which ultimately saved Philadelphia more than $9 million.

"I am honored and humbled to have my name associated with that of Joan Markman," said Cantu-Hertzler. "The leadership of Joan and her successors, and that of the Inspector General’s office, continues to make the City a better place."

As part of the award, Cantu-Hertzler received a $1,000 prize, two tickets in the mayor's box for an upcoming event and a certificate of recognition.

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