Jimmy Johns Returns

After months of rebuilding, Jimmy Johns is set to return.

A propane tank explosion caused major damage to the West Chester restaurant this past May, on the day of its 70th anniversary.

Owner Roger Steward says that they couldn’t have rebuilt the food eatery without the help of the community.

“I think we’ve recreated the nostalgia of the building,” said Steward. “Everything I think the people recognize as being Jimmy Johns, I think when they walk in they’re going to be pleasantly surprised.”

The famous roadside stand first opened back in May of 1940. It’s best known for its delicious hot dogs and coin-operated model trains.

It was also once named one of the country’s five best roadside stops by the Food Network.

While it was packed on Friday for an open house, Jimmy Johns officially reopens on Saturday at 8 a.m.

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