It's Time to Chunk! Del. Launches Its Annual Fall Tradition

Competitors gather in Bridgeville for the 26th annual Punkin Chunkin

Tens of thousands of people from all over the country will gather in Bridgeville the first weekend in November to watch the Punkin Chunkin World Championships.

Armed with gourds, competitors are hoping for the glory of having their pumpkin reach the longest distance. They use homemade contraptions that are a blend of pumpkin passion and physics.

About a hundred people sign up to compete in different categories, including catapults, pressurized air launchers and the theatrical class, where pumpkins with a side of "ham" is the goal. Competitors in that category aren't competing for distance but rather the best theatrical show.

This pop culture phenomenon dates back 26 years in Delaware.

The Punkin Chunkin World Championships bring big bucks to the state of Delaware. Part of the proceeds are given to various charities.

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