At Least the IRS is Still Hiring

In life only three things are certain -- birth, death and taxes. With certainty comes opportunity for job seekers.

The economy might be bad but at least the Internal Revenue Service is hiring.

The IRS is looking for qualified applicants in Pa. in time for tax season.

Positions are available in the following locations:

The IRS needs officers trained in tax law and collection techniques for collecting delinquent taxes. Expected job duties include conducting interviews and investigations as well as gathering research investigating financial information on a taxpayer's home or business.

The job could also include counseling taxpayers on how to solve their delinquency issues.


All applicants must be a U.S. citizen with at least a bachelors degree, similar work experience or a combination of the two.

Examples of similar work experience include reviewing an individuals ability to pay debt, evaluating assets/credit, collecting delinquent payments and dealing with various legal instruments such as wills and/or deeds.

The starting salary varies depending on the area ranging between about $38,000 to $45, 000.

Visit for more information and to apply before the February 20 deadline.  

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