Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by 11 Points in Pennsylvania Battleground, New Poll Shows

The latest poll by Franklin & Marshall College shows Trump leads among men and Clinton among white women

Coming off of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and a weekend bus tour through the state, a new poll shows Hillary Clinton is besting Donald Trump by nearly a dozen points in Pennsylvania.

The poll conducted by Franklin & Marshall College immediately after the DNC shows Clinton leading Trump by 11 points -- 49 percent to 38 percent -- among likely voters.

The gap widens to 14 points among registered voters, with 49 percent saying they'd vote for Clinton and 35 percent for Trump if the presidential election were held today.

The state poll results support a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that puts Clinton in a 9 point lead nationally. The surveys come on the heels of a series of issues for Trump including his public arguments with a Gold Star family who criticized him.

Pennsylvania is considered a battleground state for the campaigns. Both candidates spent time holding rallies here in the past week.

Clinton visited five cities Friday and Saturday including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as part of her "Stronger Together" bus tour to talk up her job creation plan.

Trump held a boisterous and strongly attended rally in Mechanicsburg, right outside Harrisburg, on Monday following Clinton's exit from the state for Ohio, another battleground state.

NBC10 digital reporters followed both campaigns through the state. You can see stories from the campaign trail here.

Trump holds a higher lead in Pennsylvania among less educated, white residents and men than Clinton, the poll found. A majority of white women, however, support Clinton.

Among characteristics to be president, Clinton outperforms Trump in areas like experience, foreign policy and character, according to the poll.

Trump nearly ties Clinton among voters asked who is most prepared to fix the country's economic problems. Trump earned 40 percent while Clinton got 43 percent.

Trustworthiness continues to dog both candidates with 31 percent of those surveyed saying neither candidate is more honest than the other. And pollsters note that both candidates have negative favorability ratings.

Read the full results of the Franklin & Marshall poll here.

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