Help for Trashed Neighborhoods

The NBC10 Investigators help neighbors get action

Michelle Brown didn’t want to live like this anymore.

“It makes me sad because my grand kids have to look at trash, look at needles, can’t come out to pay because prostitutes are bringing their dates in the back” Brown told Harry Hairston and the NBC10 Investigators.

She was talking about the filthy mess at the corner of 5th and Mount Vernon in Camden. She says she’s complained to the city of Camden for two years. She was sick and tired and frustrated, so she called the NBC 10 Investigators.

"I wasn’t raised with trash, my daughter wasn’t raised with trash and I don’t believe her kids should be raised with trash” Brown said.

When Harry and the Investigators went to check it out, they ran into Troy Giles. Giles is frustrated, too.

“It’s a disgrace, you come out your door, you got to look at this everyday” he said.

And get this: Giles says he’s an employee of the Department of Public Works and can’t get help from his own department.

The NBC 10 Investigators wanted to find out who owned the properties with the trash-filled lots. One of the lots belonged to the city of Camden, and that’s exactly where they went to get answers. Patrick Keating, the director of Camden Department of Public Works promised Harry Hairston that they would clean the mess up within the next two weeks. But after this sit down interview, help was on the way a lot quicker.

"The same day you left here, 10 inspection cars came around” Brown told Harry.

The next day, city workers cleaned the lot completely, leaving Michelle to promise Harry “I'm going to call you, ‘cause you definitely get the job done for me.”

Is there a pile of trash stinking up your neighborhood?

The NBC 10 Investigators found out who you should call to file a complaint and get the help you deserve:

Philadelphia residents can call 3-1-1 or visit Philly 311- your connection to City Hall

Camden residents can call (856) 757-7034 or visit the Department of Public Works web site

Trenton residents can call (609) 989-3563 or visit the city of Trenton's web site

Wilmington residents can call  (302) 576 -3030 or visit the city's Department of Public Works web site

And don’t be afraid to call your elected officials to ask for help!

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