Gunman, 15, Picks Legally Armed Man to Rob – Showdown Follows: Cops

A 15-year-old tries to rob 21-year-old Temple student, but it ends up being a showdown between gunmen, police say

A 15-year-old boy allegedly pulled a gun on a Temple University student early Monday, but got a startling response: The 21-year-old pulled his own legal-to-carry gun and the two shot each other, police say.

The juvenile, alongside two other unknown suspects, pulled a gun on Temple student Robert Eells in an attempt to rob him at about 2 a.m. at 11th and York streets, according to Philadelphia Central Detectives.

What the 15-year-old did not account for was the possibility that Eells was packing a gun. And he was. One difference, though: Eells, who is from Chalfont, Pa., had a permit to carry a gun. The juvenile did not.

Shots were fired by both. The 15-year-old shot Eells in the stomach. Eells shot the alleged robber in the back and leg, police say.

The two were brought to Temple University Hospital and both are in stable condition, police say.

According to Central Detectives, the juvenile, who will not be named because of his age, will be charged with assault, robbery and possibly attempted murder.

Eells will not be charged, police say.

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