NJ Police Employees Back on Job, Mayor Defends Cuts

Mayor accused of DWI says that original cuts had nothing to do with his arrest

Two township police employees recently laid off in East Greenwich Township, N.J. got their jobs back Tuesday night as the mayor defended his original choice to let go of the employees.

Angered by the recent layoffs of two police employees, including a part-time officer, some in the township made sure the mayor heard them loud and clear at Tuesday’s meeting where the township board voted to reinstate the employees.

East Greenwich Mayor Fred Grant denied the accusations that retaliation fueled him to secretly orchestrate the plan that led to the original cuts.

“It absolutely is not,” Grant said.

Last summer the mayor was charged with DWI. According to police, the mayor was speeding 90 mph and driving under the influence. Grant continues to fight the allegations in court.

The mayor insists the layoffs were strictly related to the budget as the township is facing a $600,000 shortfall.

“The only department where there has been no cut is the police department and they want to keep sitting and talking about it.”

While the two police employees got their jobs back after a majority vote, other township committee members say it may only be temporary as the department will still need to make necessary cuts.

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