Girl, Teen Charged With Abduction of 1-Year-Old Boy & Resulting Pursuit

A 14-year-old girl is charged with kidnapping her 1-year-old cousin and driving him around Philadelphia in a car that police were tracking using GPS, police said. An 18-year-old, considered an accomplice, was also charged Thursday.

The girl, whose name hasn't been released because she is a juvenile, abducted the baby from her uncle's Kensington home Wednesday afternoon and jumped into his car before driving off, police said. Officers used the car's onboard OnStar GPS to track the car around the city. She allegedly picked up Khaalif Barker along the way.

The teens eventually stopped in North Philadelphia and ran from police carrying the baby. Police said they handed the boy off to a woman before locking themselves in her home and stripping off their clothes while trying to find new outfits to apparently disguise themselves. That's where officers caught up with them.

The baby was not hurt.

Both the girl and Barker face kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, fleeing police, reckless endangerment and related charges. Attorney information for the accused was not immediately available.

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