Galloway Twp. Employees to Receive Layoff Notices

140 employees will receive the notices on Monday, according to Galloway Township Mayor Don Purdy

Every Galloway Township employee will receive a layoff notice on Monday, according to Don Purdy, mayor of the Atlantic County, N.J. community.

Purdy confirmed to NBC10 Jersey Shore Bureau reporter Ted Greenberg on Friday night that this includes 140 employees in total, including the entire police department.

The employees are being put on notice that they could possibly be laid off on January 1st.

The Galloway Township mayor says the layoff notices don't mean employees will be laid off on that date, but that the possibility exists.

The possible layoffs are due to what the mayor calls a "devastating" financial crisis.

Galloway Township is facing a budget shortfall of $3 million in January because of property tax appeals and the mayor tells NBC10 that a glut of foreclosures is also adding to the township's financial problems.


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