Friday's Payday Again

The stopgap budget means paychecks Friday for some state workers

The Pennsylvania Treasury Department is paying about half of the state work force on Friday, and officials say most of the rest will get their back-pay paychecks on Monday.

State Treasurer Rob McCord said Thursday that the first batch of payments will go to those who received partial paychecks on July 24, along with employees in the judicial system, the Auditor General's office and the Treasury Department.

On Monday, McCord's office will pay those who received partial pay on July 17 and no pay on July 31.

About 77,000 state workers have missed at least some of what they've earned since the start of July. A state budget impasse prevented them from being paid until special legislation passed this week.

State workers at the Public Utility Commission, retirement funds and other similarly funded agencies won't be paid until separate authorization is approved.

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