Woman, Dog Narrowly Escape Collapsing Home in Frankford; 3 Families Displaced

A Philadelphia homeowner and her dog were forced to run for their lives when part of the woman’s home came crumbling down.

It happened Friday evening along the 2100 block of Orthodox Street in Philadelphia's Frankford section.

The owner of the home told NBC 10's Aundrea Cline-Thomas that she was on her porch filling in cracks with foam when she heard cracking and knew she was in danger.

She was able to grab her dog and get out of harm's way before debris came crashing down.

Neighbors in adjoining homes also were forced to evacuate as officials looked into the stability of the homes.

A fence was put around the area for safety. Fortunately the overnight heavy rain did not further collapse the home, which officials feared could happen.

Inspectors were expected at the scene sometime Saturday to determine if the home needed to be demolished.

Three families were assisted by the American Red Cross and three pets were assisted by Red Paw Emergency Relief Team.

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