Ca$ino Coming to a City Near You

Mayor Nutter approves casino legislation

Mayor Nutter signed two bills Sunday morning that may turn the blueprints for the Foxwoods Casino at the Gallery at Market East into a concrete reality. Cha-ching $$

Neighbors in Chinatown weren’t too happy about the idea of putting a casino basically in their backyard. So, about 15 Chinatown residents met with Mayor Nutter Saturday night in protest.

And, earlier this week, over 20,000 city residents signed a petition against the construction of the casino.

But, Mayor Nutter signed the bills anyway.

“The proposed Market Street East casino site has the potential to generate additional economic development in that entire area,” said the Mayor. “I appreciate the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Chinatown community to discuss their legitimate concerns,” Mayor Nutter added.

Thursday, Mayor Nutter is scheduled to meet with other individuals and business owners in the Chinatown community.

Councilman Frank DiCicco introduced the legislation for the entertainment complex on October 16. The enactment was passed by City Council on November 13.

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