Bucks County

Flames Shoot From Bucks County Businesses as More Firefighters Are Called on

A lack of volunteer firefighters and low water supply make for a tough firefight in New Britain

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Flames shot from a Bucks County industrial building early Wednesday as a lack of volunteer firefighters and water issues caused more fire companies to get involved in controlling the fire.

The blaze broke out around just before 1 a.m. at the building shared by CSC Asphalt and two other companies at Industrial Driver and South Sand Road in New Britain, Pennsylvania.

The fire grew to a three-alarm response as a lack of firefighters dealt with water supply issues – bringing in water from nearby parking lots – and dealt with a lack of volunteer firefighters, Chalfont Fire Company Chief Dennis McGuire said.

"Once we established the proper water supply things seemed to go a lot smoother,” McGuire said.

“We had to call an unusual amount of (firefighters) here,” McGuire said as they called in firefighters from neighboring towns. In total, about 75 firefighters from 12 companies helped battle the blaze.

It took hours for the fire to be put under control.

No one was hurt.

It is undetermined how the fire began, but when firefighters arrived the flames were shooting from the asphalt business, firefighters said.

The building appeared to be a total loss.

New Britain Borough Fire Marshal Mike Italia said the investigation into the fire is underway.

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