Fishtown-Famous Arctic Splash Cartons Discontinued

The Fishtown-famous cartons for Arctic Splash iced tea are going away

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An iconic symbol of Fishtown will soon disappear.

Production of Arctic Splash iced tea's pint-sized cartons, with the frost-covered blue bubble letters, has been discontinued, according to Fishtown bar Interstate Drafthouse. The beloved drink will still be available in a jug.

"We only have a limited supply of Arctic Splash cartons in stock, when they are gone it could be the end," the bar, known for using the cartons for an iced tea cocktail, wrote on Instagram.

Interstate staff said they were informed Thursday that Lehigh Valley Dairy is discontinuing the production of the school-milk style carton.

The good news is Dean Foods Co., the Dallas-based manufacturer of the Philadelphia-known drink, will still continue to make the iced tea, offering it in gallon and half-gallon jugs moving forward, Interstate said.

For years, the small cartons have been known for to turn up nearly everywhere in Fishtown – from corner store shelves to street gutters. Social media accounts have emerged to track littered cartons.

And although the absence of the carton may be good for Fishtown's streets, it's certainly being felt in residents' hearts.

"Please pray for me during this troubling time," Dan McQuade wrote on Twitter. To which user Leo replied, "Fave bev to get with a cheesteak. gutted."

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