Fire Victims Believe Dog is Still Alive

$1k reward is offered for the missing pit bull.

A family is desperately searching for their beloved blue-nosed pit bull named Bonnie after they lost everything in a house fire.

Natalie Hall credits one of her dogs with saving her family last Monday after flames broke out shortly before 1 a.m. in her home along the 100 block of W Washington Lane in the city’s Germantown neighborhood.

A person was hurt and one pet died as flames tore through the home, according to the fire department. The homeowner credited a barking dog with alerting her family of the fire, which seemed to have started in the home’s basement.

“My young niece said she was awaken by the pit bull barking,” said Hall.

The dog named Clyde didn’t make it out of the fire. Bonnie, the second pet, has not been accounted for. Originally, Bonnie was believed to have died in the fire but only Clyde's body was found. The family believes she may be on the loose and is seeking the public's help with finding her and is offering a $1,000 reward for her return.

The Red Paw Relief team learned about the missing dog over the weekend and is working to get the word out about Bonnie. Anyone with information is asked to call Red Paw 267-289-2PAW or the SPCA. 

"I have a pit bull. I would lose my mind if she was lost," said Red Paw founder Jen Leary. "We are hoping someone saw her outside in the freezing cold."

Hall lived in the home with her brother, sister and the sister’s three teenage daughters. The brother suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to the hospital -- otherwise everyone else made it out of the quick-moving fire unscathed.

Hall’s family has lived in the home for nearly four decades.

"That's it, all of our memories have gone up in smoke," said Hall.

The fire, which took a couple of hours to get under control, heavily damaged the home as flames shot up through the roof. Two adjacent homes -- not occupied at the time of the blaze -- also were damaged.

Hall said her family would stay at a nearby home she also owns.

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