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Special Needs Student Hurt After Kids Throw Cement at School Bus

Gina Clancy fought back the tears as she recalled her daughter crying on the phone after a group of kids threw chunks of cement at her school bus. 

"I heard her crying in the background on the phone," Clancy said. "'Mom I'm hurt! Mom I'm hurt! Please come help me!'"

Clancy's daughter Courtney was one of nine students with special needs from the School of the Future in Philadelphia who were on board the school bus Monday afternoon. As the bus was traveling on 47th and Aspen streets, a group of six children threw two chunks of cement at the bus, according to police. One of the chunks smashed through a window, injuring Courtney. The kids then ran away. 

Courtney was taken to Presbyterian Hospital where she was treated for her injuries. 

"Her face is all bleeding," Clancy said. "She has blood on her wrists, plus on her arms. And she had glass in her eyes." 

While Courtney was released from the hospital she was in pain when she spoke with NBC10 Monday night.

"I can't see out of one eye," she said. 

Courtney will have to go back to the hospital Tuesday for more treatment. Doctors fear there may be more shards of glass in her eye. 

Clancy says her daughter, who suffers from seizures and has social and behavioral disorders, has been the victim of bullying. She also believes her daughter was specifically targeted by the kids who threw the cement. 

"I want this boy to be found," Clancy said. "That's all I want. Just everything to be over and he be in prison and looking back that what he did was wrong." 

Police say a city camera captured the children throwing the cement though they likely won't release the surveillance video until Tuesday.

Officials believe the kids responsible live around the area where the incident occurred. 

"I'm sure there are people out there because a lot of people in that playground there saw what happened out here today," said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Walker. "They need to do the right thing." 

If you have any information on the incident, please call Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS. 

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