Glenn's Blog: Here Comes the Heat Wave

Here Comes the Heat
We certainly haven’t seen much heat so far this summer season. Since Memorial Day, we’ve only had five days of 90-plus-degree temperatures in Philadelphia. And the 4th of July only hit 80 degrees (after only 78 on the 3rd). The highest temperature has only been 92 degrees, so there’s been nothing close to extreme heat.

We certainly can get mighty hot this early in summer-our record for the 4th was 103 degrees in 1966! But here it comes….

Building Heat

Temperatures on the 4th of July were far below normal from the Mid-Atlantic States all the way west to Kansas (in the blue and purple areas) [[385667161, C]]

The heat really starts to build Wednesday, as the blue colors turn to orange and red. Now we’re talking about temperatures well above normal, even for July:[[385667311, C]]

And, the heat will build even more. By Friday, temperatures will be in the 90s (at least) from Maine to Florida. Since the humidity will be high as well, we’ll be having "feels like" temperatures well above 100 degrees. So, watch out for likely heat advisories later in the week. [[385667761, C]]

The heat should last through Saturday. We expect to be back down into the 80s by Sunday and Monday.

If you or someone you know needs help dealing with the heat, contact the City of Philadelphia's heat line at 215-765-9040.

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