Ex-Girlfriend of Alleged Kensington Strangler Speaks

The ex-girlfriend of the alleged Kensington Strangler spoke with NBC10 and shared details about their relationship.

Simone Tinsley-Chapman claims that she met Antonio Rodriguez, the Kensington Strangler suspect, back in 2008 when she moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“We were like best friends,” said Simone.

“He was a very kind, gentle, nice, loving person.”

Chapman, who is currently married and living in Colorado Springs, says that the two dated for about a year while they were both living in Fort Wayne. They even lived together briefly.

Rodriguez, 22, is accused of attacking, raping and strangling Elaine Goldberg, Nicole Piacentini and Casey Mahoney.

Police say that DNA links Rodriguez to their murders and that he himself has admitted to the crimes.

Chapman remains shocked by the allegations against her former lover.

“It was shocking,” said Chapman.

“I could never believe that Anthony would do something like that but for him to admit it, I believe him.”

Chapman claims that Rodriguez was never violent with her during their relationship however.

“All I can say about that is Anthony’s never hurt me.”

Chapman also does not believe that Rodriguez should be put to death if found guilty of his crimes.

“There’s no excuse for what he did to those girls, they did not deserve it,” said Chapman.

“At the same notion, Anthony doesn’t deserve to die.”

Despite the horrific acts that Rodriguez is accused of, Chapman remains supportive.

“I have slept next to him and been in the same room with him…never once was I scared of him,” said Chapman.

“Something happened in the world to him that made him flip.”

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