Evacuations at Same Del. Courthouse Where Gunman Killed 2 Women

People are being let back in their workplaces after an evacation today at the same courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware, where two weeks ago a gunman opened fire, killing his former daughter-in-law and her friend, before shooting himself to death.

Police were investigating a bomb threat.

They evacuated the New Castle County Courthouse and surrounding businesses for about three hours this afternoon. Traffic was blocked in the immediate area on N. King Street and from SkyForce10, you could see police and canines going into the building around 2 p.m. Emergency crews searched the courthouse, cleared it and lifted the evacuation order about an hour later.

It was just over two weeks ago, Feb. 11, when Thomas Matusiewicz walked into the courthouse, accompanying his son to a child support hearing. Matusiewiz waited, police say, for his former daughter-in-law to enter the lobby of the courthouse and when she did, he opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun, killing Christine Belford. Matusiewicz, 68, then chased down Belford's friend and neighbor -- Laura Mulford -- who'd come to support her at the hearing that morning and shot her dead.

Matusiewicz then got into a shootout with Capitol police, hitting both. They shot him as well, but autopsy results show the fatal bullet came from the gun that Matusiewicz put to his own head that day.

The gunman, his wife, and son David had all been involved in a long-running bitter custody battle with Belford over the couple's three children.

Investigators have named both David Matusiewicz and his mother as suspects in the case, which is still under investigation.

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