Auction Purchase Sparks Search for Family

Among the jewelry, furniture, and antiques being sold at a New Jersey auction house, Amanda Corigliano stumbled across a shoebox full of old photographs.

For only $2, she bought the pictures and frames inside – along with a collection of family memories.

The box was filled with black and white photos, wedding pictures, birth announcements, newspaper clippings, and items addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ponzio.

“If somebody was cleaning out a house or something they might not even know their pictures were gone," Corigliano said. 

One of those newspaper clippings was from the June 13, 1968 issue of the Franklin News-Record. It was an announcement of college graduates from Mercer County Community College in Trenton.  Of the four local youths mentioned as members of the college’s first graduating class, one of them is Linda Rose Ponzio, listed as living along Whiton Road, Neshanic, N.J.

There was also a birth announcement for a girl named Geralyn Michelle, born to parents Matt and Geri in the spring of 1969.

Corigliano is trying to find the family whose history she bought at an estate sale.

“I know if someone found something so precious of mine I would like the same thing,” she said.

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