Emergency Quarantine Set Up for Philly Animal Shelter Amid Respiratory Illness Outbreak

Ninety dogs exposed to an upper respiratory illness at ACCT Philly will be in a quarantine location set up by the Brandywine Valley SPCA, the city animal shelter said Tuesday.

Brandywine Valley SPCA

The Brandywine Valley SPCA is assisting ACCT Philly with an off-site quarantine facility as an upper respiratory illness spreads among dogs at ACCT Philly in Hunting Park.

The Brandywine staff is providing animal care for 90 dogs who are considered "exposed" to an upper respiratory illness, ACCT Philly said. The shelter has seen an increase of a stronger strain as well, called pneumovirus.

Despite efforts from ACCT Philly to limit the outbreak, a veterinarian and disease expert advised the shelter to separate the existing dog population to protect the exposed pets and the community, according to ACCT Philly. That's when they called in the Brandywine SPCA to assist them with a quarantine space.

Photos: New Quarantine Facility for ACCT Philly

The new quarantine facility on Tulip Street in Kensington was set up over the weekend and will remain open for up to three weeks, according to the BVSPCA.

Sarah Barnett, Acting Co-Executive Director at ACCT Philly, said she was thankful for the BVSPCA.

“As soon as we recognized the seriousness of this matter, we engaged our entire support network of partners and volunteers to ensure that we were doing everything possible to protect dogs in Philadelphia," Barnett said. “With more than a dozen of our 24 animal care positions vacant, we would never have been able to start this lifesaving event without the assistance of our partners and volunteers.”

As of Tuesday, ACCT Philly says it is not taking in any animals unless they are a public safety risk, injured, or suffering and in need of humane euthanasia.

ACCT Philly says dogs will still be available for adoption via foster homes and medically cleared dogs will be available for adoption starting Thursday, May 5 at the West Hunting Park Avenue facility. The facility remains open for cat adoptions, as cats are housed separately from the dogs. 

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