Election Day Forecast by the Numbers

Quick Forecast:

  • 7 am: Cloudy/Foggy, 50 degrees
  • Noon: Mostly cloudy, 58 degrees
  • 8 pm: Cloudy, 57 degrees

Weather can have a big impact on voter turnout. In past elections, good weather has resulted in good turnout. With that said, voter turnout should be high Tuesday if you just look at the forecast.

The day will start on the mild side with low temperatures in the upper 40s. It may be a little cooler north and west of Philadelphia.

Clouds will increase by the mid-day but temperatures will continue to warm up through the 50s and approach 60 degrees by the afternoon and early evening.

The only chance for rain is south of the city late in the day and even that just looks like a few light showers. So if you plan to vote late in the day in Delaware or New Jersey, you may run into a few light showers.

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