Young Teens Questioned in Shooting of 87-Year-Old

An 87-year-old former Navy Seal was shot in broad daylight in his driveway, police say

Police are questioning two young teenagers about the cold-blooded murder of an elderly man, which shook-up one Philadelphia neighborhood.

George Greaves was gunned down outside his West Oak Lane home Wednesday afternoon, police say. Though police say Greaves may have been shot during a possible robbery, the actual motive has not been confirmed.

The World War II veteran and former Navy Seal was found dead in front of his garage Tuesday on the 7900 block of Pickering Avenue, police say.

Sources tell NBC Philadelphia Greaves pulled up to his home and was about to enter his garage when he was shot in the chest.


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A woman dressed in Muslim garb and a man in street clothing were seen running from the shooting scene, according to investigators.

Greaves' neighbors say they’ve lost part of their neighborhood with the murder of the 87-year-old man.

"Every time I remember this guy, he was at his house, working on his garden or fixing his house. Kinda kept to himself.  His house was his castle so to speak," neighbor Chris Diggles said.

Residents have been warned about a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood and to call police if they see anything suspicious.

Police are investigating whether an earlier robbery a few blocks away is connected to Greaves' murder.

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